TELOS n. (from the Greek τέλος) is an end, purpose, or goal in a sense used by philosophers such as Aristotle. It can also be used to refer to someone's “ultimate potential.” 

Our farm's telos is to produce dressage and multi-sport horses with excellent character, athleticism, and longevity. We breed for more than what is popular in the here and now - we breed horses that can fulfill the many aspects of a safe, reliable, and talented equine partner, and bloodlines worth continuing in years to come. We choose stallions with proven performance records, longevity in their sport, and personable temperaments. Similarly for our mares, they have proven under saddle reliability with excellent conformation and type. 

Our horses are primarily Trakehner, Hanoverian or Trakehner x Hanoverians. We attend annual inspections of the American Trakehner Association (ATA), American Hanoverian Society (AHS), or German Oldenburg Verband (GOV) to have foals branded and registered. In addition, a non-halter Arabian sporthorse mare was brought into the program to cross with Trakehners for the ultimate endurance horse - greatmetabolics with added size and sporthorse type.

We often have weanlings, yearlings, broodmares, and young riding horses for sale. 

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